Monday, March 29, 2010

Breakfast Blight...

Since when do I eat brownies and drink coke for breakfast??

This is what I asked myself this morning when I sat down at my desk two-fisted with both of these items. What in the world?? How did these things even get into my pantry?

Warning! Warning! Warning! The alarm has sounded. My life has become grossly out of balance! The sign? Coke and brownies. I haven't had either of these items for well over a year, maybe even two!! And today, they were both in my hands...for my breakfast. Hmmm...

In contemplating this catastrophe, I did a mental rewind of the last six weeks of my existence. It has been busy, stressful, and chaotic for sure. There has been a new job offer, which led to a scurrying of new ideas, a lot of traveling, and the prospect of many things to come...a fresh start, so to speak. A new home (yes again!), a new city, a new state, new friends, new church, new schools, new clients, new grocery stores, new EVERYTHING!

With this new adventure on the horizon, there has also been some tragedy mixed in to work through, with the death of my husband's friend. Then there was new life, with the birth of a new baby for one of my best friends. And intermingled with that we are dealing with some hiccups trying to secure our future...the new beginning which will begin just 10 weeks from now!!

Wow. That is a lot to absorb. I am overwhelmed. Nervous. Excited. Afraid. And extremely grateful for the new opportunity. It's funny the way life works sometimes. Just when you think you've settled into a nice groove, it topples over and you need to reset. Frustrating? Yes! Overwhelming? Yes! Too much to handle? Apparently, maybe a little for me. But it's nothing that can't be fixed.

Coke and brownies. My warning sign. Time to reset myself. Time for more self care, quiet time to reflect and process, for exercise that has been neglected in all the travel, time to slow down, regroup, and make sense of all that is happening. This is serious, because I don't even like coke or brownies :) But I can do it.

Step one? Throw out the coke and brownies.

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Hip Mom's Guide said...

At least you could've grabbed a diet pepsi! :)

Seriously, though, that is a real warning sign. I see it, too, when my lunch is a bag of chips because I don't take the time for something "real."

Maybe a little flax seed with the brownie...