Monday, September 22, 2008

Do I need this?

Earlier this week, my good friend Hip Mom wrote an article about the progression of modern conveniences in women's lives. I thought this was a really good thought provoker and decided to answer her question to her readers right here so as to challenge others with it as well. Here it is...

Is there a modern convenience you can’t live without?

Hmm, well let's see...
When I think about this question and go down the list of things I have and love, I do find myself saying that I could live with out the item if I had to. There are not many things I feel like I need to have. However...

I really can't imagine my life without a washer and dryer. Seriously! How in the world would I ever get ANY laundry done? It would go from once every couple weeks (he he), to once every couple months...yep, definitely "need" that! My family gets annoyed with me enough as it is with the laundry issue.

TV? I prefer to have it off at all times. I love silence. So I know I don't need that.

Vacuum? That would just stink to not have that...I would want one of those, because I am not sure how I would get all the little bits of junk out of my carpet...although I suppose I could just get rid of the carpet and sweep instead!

Car? That is a tricky one. I think I couldn't live without it but I suppose if I didn't have one that could also result in less running around and better planning ahead. Plus, it would facilitate more exercising!

Electricity? I think this is one thing I would not want to lose. Because if I did (and have), I would not be able to do laundry or vacuum. But really, if it were a life or death situation...I can do without. But definitely wouldn't want to!

Hip Mom mentioned she kept wanting to put the bible on her list of things she couldn't live without but decided that because it wasn't a modern convenience it didn't count. I thought about that and decided it did count. There was a time in this world when the bible was still being written. The people of this time could only learn of God's greatness by word of mouth. It was a confusing time for many as they figured all of this out, to put it simply. So the fact that at one point in time the bible did not exist, there were many who were at more of a disadvantage than we are today. We can use it and scour it and follow what it has to teach to us. It is the rule book for life. You can find an answer to ANY question in there! It is indispensable. That being said, I certainly, absolutely, CAN NOT live without my bible. No exceptions!

And besides, if I lost everything in my list above and still had my life would still be as rich as it is today. Probably even more so if all I had left to do was read it!

How about you? What's on your list?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What did you say??

Have you ever fallen into the bad habit of putting yourself down?? I have. I do it all the time. I have incredibly high expectations of myself. I tend to set unrealistic goals of all sizes because I feel like there is no reason why I can't reach them. And then when I don't, I begin to sing a song that sounds a little like this...

sigh....I am such a loser!
I can't get anything done...
Why am I so incapable of accomplishing anything??
ugghhh...I'm such a failure...
My five year old could've gotten this done better than I did (in fact I paid her a dollar to do it!!)
I hate how this outfit looks on me.
This paint job stinks.
I can never cut the grass in lines as straight as I want them (I know...obsessive compulsive...)

OK, you get the picture. The problem I am realizing in this self discovery journey I have been on lately is this... Whenever I talk to myself it is usually negative in some shape or form. Why do I do that? It doesn't help the situation. It makes me feel worse sometimes. It makes me feel defeated as well. I have discovered that I do this so often and I think I do it and not even realize I am sometimes. This is SO bad!!

One thing we need to realize in our lives is that we were fearlessly and wonderfully made. Every single part of us is incredibly loved by our creator God. Shouldn't that be enough to make us love ourselves? To know that God accepts us any way we are, all the time? That He is there to provide us the encouragement we need when we are struggling and feeling worthless? If I were worthless, I wouldn't be here! There is a plan for me! There is a plan for everyone! It is our job to try to uncover that plan and live our lives accordingly.

"OK, but what if I don't believe in God", you say?? Here is what I am learning and a different way to think about it...

What you think, affects how you act.

Think about that for a minute...what you think, affects how you act. I thought about that for a long time today and discovered that for me, that is so true! Maybe one of the reasons I feel stuck sometimes is because I am telling myself I can't do it and won't move forward. I realized as well, that I am hungry for love. My love...towards me. I don't love myself the way I should. I want to be better about that. I am going to flip the tape over, and make a new version of the song that I sing in my head...

You are beautiful!
You are so smart and clever!
Way to worked so hard!
My hair looks great like this!
I am a good mother!
I am an amazing wife!
I have so much to share with and teach others!
I have great design ideas!
I am perfect the way I am!
I really am funny and interesting!

Just writing that list put a feeling of warmth inside of me because I know I am all of those things. It's when I tell myself I'm not, that my world begins to crumble around me and I feel defeated. Hopefully now, I can hear and sing that new song in my head ALL the time.

What negative mental tapes are spinning around in your head??

Try taping over them.