Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Menu

This Thanksgiving I have many things to be thankful for. I have a healthy family, an amazing husband and marriage, plenty of supportive friends and family members, and a wonderful new home in which to share my blessings with others with plenty of room to spare! I have been gifted an amazing life.

This year I will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for about 20 people. As I journey through this world of healthy living and eating and learn why we should not be eating the mass productions of non-nutrient rich packaged foods on the market today, or consuming the average 4500 calorie meal with 229 g of fat, I feel a heavy responsibility to feed my family and guests a new kind of Thanksgiving meal. One that is health conscious, nutritious, low in calories, but also delicious and satisfying.

I will admit, I have a tough crowd to please this year! Not all of them are concerned about saving calories and eating healthy on Thanksgiving Day! So with this in mind, I believe I have come up with a fabulous Thanksgiving menu that will please everyone!

blue cheese spread on toasted baguette topped with pear

Turkey w/apple cider gravy
mashed potatoes
apple and onion stuffin' muffins
swiss chard gratin
sweet potato balls rolled in toasted pecans
fresh cranberry molds

mini cranberry-apple pot pie
pumpkin pie

ice water
sparkling apple cider punch
hot apple cider

I am excited to prepare this meal and eat it too! I look forward to hearing the results from family and reporting them back to you on how a healthy Thanksgiving meal that is about 700 calories compares the the traditional meal of 4500 calories! Happy Thanksgiving my friends!!