Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Power of Acceptance...

So after about 6-weeks off because of family issues and scheduling conflicts in my life, I was gearing up to get back into the gym with my trainer this morning (which was rescheduled from Monday because of a nasty head cold). However, due to yet, another set of circumstances, I was not able to go. Sometimes it feels like I can never win. Some things are going great in life. My health counseling practice is sprinting forward with great success, my marriage is fabulous, the Christmas chaos has disappeared...but it seems that when it comes to desires I have that are close to my heart, the goals I have for ME...they too often get de-railed, side-tracked, or stopped in their tracks. This often leaves me feeling like the world is scheming and working against me!

These feelings remind me of a post I wrote back in September about dealing with disappointment. When sitting down to write about something else this morning, I decided it might be good to re-post that one instead. Sometimes it's good to remember that life will always have bumps, challenges, and road blocks. The important thing is that we continue to move forward and work at accomplishing goals...even if at a slower pace than we want. The key is to accept your circumstances as they are, stay positive, and keep moving forward when you can.

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I've recently begun working out with my trainer again. It has been a many, many months since exercise has been a regular part of my life. Today was one of those days where it seemed like I just couldn't catch my breath and get into my groove, which initially was a little frustrating because I felt like what I was doing was not really a knock out, drag down workout...which is one of the things I really appreciate about this guy, he doesn't train like least not so far! But as I was leaving, he mentioned I could try and get some more cardio in on the elliptical or I could accept where I am physically right now and call it a day...which I did.

As I was leaving I was thinking about that statement, "accept where you are..." and how important it is for us to do accept who we are, and where we are, NOW. When you decide to accept yourself the way you are, you allow yourself the freedom to change. When you criticize, talk negatively, or fight with yourself, you remain stuck and prevent change from happening.

I once read in an article that acceptance means honoring and loving yourself just the way you are. Maybe you feel confused and think that accepting yourself means you don’t want to change. You may think, “I don’t want to accept myself – that‘s why I want to lose this weight (or whatever it is you want to change)!” But it’s just the opposite. Making peace with where you are is the launching pad that gets you to where you want to go.

Whatever you focus your attention on grows. So when you talk negatively to or about yourself, your negativity grows. This results in self-punishing behaviors and you stay stuck. But when your attention is on where you want to go, and you accept yourself the way you are, your behaviors lovingly reflect the new life you’re creating and you move forward.

You know you want to make changes in your life. Great! Make peace with where you are and you will reach your goal more quickly. Where you are today is totally irrelevant. Your current situation carries no power over you unless you offer it negative attention. Accept where you are and remain focused on where you’re headed. You then become free to change, and change will happen.

This isn't an easy task. I know this from experience! It is hard to be positive when you aren't satisfied with yourself or your surroundings. But one thing I have learned is that when you do make a shift in attitude and focus, and are accepting of the situation at hand, suddenly the pressure is off and the success comes if to just fall into place. Today I accepted that I couldn't do all that I wanted to. But I know that that's OK because I am still just fine right where I am, and if I continue to work, I will gain the strength and endurance I need to complete that work out next time. And the positive thing least I went to work out, right??

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karly said...

Self-acceptance does not come easy for me, but it's a matter of putting on the right glasses. If I look at myself through my human eyes, I see flaws. If I focus on what God sees, it's much easier to accept where I'm at. He doesn't care if I have pounds to lose or the house is a mess. He created me and He loves me like crazy! :)