Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Slowing Down and Time For Me...

Back in September I wrote about how my absence from this blog is pretty reflective of my absence from all things I love lately! This is still the case! I have been very busy and I am ready to slow down, rest, relax, and dig back in as my family settles into winter. Time to refocus, restructure, and renew!

I have fallen tremendously behind in the world of all things health, balance, and wellness. But I am missing it terribly and putting it back into the forefront of my days. My three week lecture series on staying healthy, balanced, and stress-free during the holiday season at the end of October was a success. I had A LOT of fun presenting this and learned that it is definitely something I want to do more of! I am getting organized to take on more clients after the new year, looking for a new office space, and will be launching a new website hopefully soon.

I seriously enjoyed the many weeks of our farm share vegetables and am very sad that it is over. I loved receiving fresh, organic produce right out of the ground week to week. The only problem is that I loved it so much we have nothing frozen for the winter because we ate it all, and now, I am seriously craving all that goodness!! I do have an abundance of blueberries stored for the winter, so we will be enjoying lots of blueberry baked goods this winter...mmm...

As I think about how I want to go about refocusing my time back on the things I love, I quickly become overwhelmed by the process of getting "caught" up. When this happens to me, I tend to freeze up and do nothing because I don't know where to start. It's all important to me and I have a hard time prioritizing!

This month, I have eliminated a few things from my schedule that weigh me down emotionally, organizationally, and sometimes physically. While I didn't feel a rush of relief, I do feel some closure, which has helped. We are settling nicely into our new home and little by little the boxes are getting emptied and organized. I did not renew the lease on my office space downtown, even though I don't have a new one to move into yet, and I finally got everything moved out and back here with me at home. I am no longer toggling between home and downtown which is a time saver. My focus has shifted to putting family first right now, which feels right, but I also have put myself into that category. I have been more insistent on time for myself. And even though my family may not like it at the time, it does help me be a better mom and wife in the long run.

I have found that when I eliminate things that hold me back, weigh me down, or drain my time and energy everything else opens up because it has space to breathe! Just by eliminating a few things from my life, even if something is only for a day, I feel a new sense of focus, balance and clarity and can move forward with other more important projects and responsibilities, including rest.

As Christmas quickly approaches and the New Year right around the corner, I am thinking very hard about what I want to accomplish in the next year. I am setting goals and making a plan so that falling far behind does not happen again and feeling organized and accomplished is a daily reward. I have accepted where I am for now and continue each day to catch up little by little, knowing that every little effort makes a dent and I AM moving forward, even if at a snail's pace for now in this time of rest.


anne said...

Man, I totally hear you!! Thankfully, my big "thing" is done for this month and I feel like I can breathe a little bit myself. I toned down my decorating huge this year as well.

My veggie problem is that I do freeze things, but then they get buried in the freezer. My goal someday is to have a nice stand-up freezer that I can easily get into and find things in!

TAMI said...

Hi, Luanne ~

Thanks for stopping by my blogs yesterday. Your post is a reflection of my same place. Tow quotes in particular ~
* "getting "caught" up. When this happens to me, I tend to freeze up"
* feeling organized and accomplished is a daily reward

Blessings on your efforts - and joy all the while!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

I do relate to this post, Luanne. Seems like we're in the same place, except that you've already started doing something about it, and I've been putting it off until the New Year. But I had my last splurge today, and then went out and spent my Walmart gift card on an exercise ball.

Happy New year, my bloggy friend. May it be a happy, healthy, prosperous one for you and your family. Lots of unexpected blessings and wonderful surprises.