Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dealing With Disappointment...

One of the reasons I became interested in health and wellness was because of my constant search for balance in my life and a way to successfully shed unwanted excess body weight. I was emotionally dependant on food for fulfillment and my body was showing the signs. Food was a very powerful tool for me. It filled me with sweetness, provided warmth and comfort, and powered me through hard, tiring, or trying times.

I have searched out the knowledge of others to help me figure out how to break free from my dependency on this powerful (and delicious) drug and begin to nourish my body with real nutrition (whole foods and love) and balance out my emotions in a much more healthy way. I have learned a great deal in the process and am confident that I have all the knowledge I need to be successful. I love the information so much, I can't get enough, and that is why I am embarking on the journey of creating a career out of helping others find wholeness and balance in their bodies as well as the environments should support them and their efforts.

This is great, right!? I should have so much success to report!! Well, I'm disappointed to share, it's not! The success I was craving, and the pounds I was hoping would just melt right off, are still sitting exactly where they were when I started this journey...which was quite awhile ago.

So why no success? I'm not sure. But it's disappointing to say the least! There have been road blocks...lack of motivation, stress, injuries, moves, sickness, etc...for sure. In contemplating the reasons why I am "stuck" where I am, and evaluating all my actions, I realized I was/am still using food to get me through the ups and downs of my day! These days it's more about getting through stress and the busyness of life, than it is about dealing with extreme emotions, although that arises on occasion. However, the fact that I can recognize that is progress to report! Being able to evaluate and identify your weakness' is a huge first step in achieving a healthier and balanced life. Until you are able to do that, you will likely continue NOT to see success. Knowing our weakness' allows us to plan better, learn how to cope better, and sets us up for success, not failure.

So I have learned something and I am applying what I have learned. Now the next step is to take action and put it all together! Instead of dealing with this disappointment of un-shed pounds by eating yet more comforting foods, I am going to continue to plug along and plan better, eat better, and avoid all the triggers that throw me off better. It may be hard at times, and I will fail at times, but the more we practice, the better we will get, and the healthier we will begin to look, feel and be!


Kristina P. said...

That's my problem. I know what I have to do. The problem comes in with actually doing it!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, this is certainly not an easy task. Good luck- you know what you need to do, and now you just need to develop the habits, right? :)