Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sugar Monster...

Have you ever had a monster take over your body? I currently have one living inside of me and it is very much addicted to sweet, cold treats...like ice cream. Now, this monster is very persistent. It will not move out and on to someone else, no matter what I do!

This unbeatable craving for ice cream is really starting to stump me. I have done all the right things, like eating more sweet vegetables, fruits, and smoothies. And of course the analyzing and deconstructing of this said craving and to no avail can come up with any reason as to why it is there.

Is it because it is summer and it is warm, and my body is craving something cool? Is there something in my life that needs to be addressed and I am soothing it with creamy, cool, satiating dairy? What is going on in my relationships to cause me to turn to something sweet...I can't think of anything!!

The only time this happens is in the summer. Every summer it is the same thing. All I want is ice cream. So do I give in and indulge? Or do I continue to fight and ultimately fail? I vote indulge, guilt free, knowing it is a phase. My only fear is that my body will not cooperate and allow it to be free calories!!


Kristina P. said...

I am ALWAYS addicted to sugar and ice cream. Always.

Anonymous said...

Edie's (and a few other brands) make GREAT sugar-free ice cream. And my family likes Frozen yogurt (in the GOOD flavors, not plain) and sherbert as a substitute, too!

Anonymous said...

I love the guilt-free indulgence - that's probably best! Let yourself have a little and call it good. I have been totally into coconut milk ice cream recently. Now, I can't have dairy, so it's a good substitite for me, but the hubby LOVES ice cream, and he admits that he likes it BETTER THAN ice cream. It would be a good option to get you away from the dairy, anyway - and there are all kinds of great flavors. Yum! Plus, you can make your own, too, if you're feeling really adventurous.

Brenda said...

I mean, I know you are trying to step away completely....but I bought these by accident once and they are PERFECT for a little taste.

It's the "kid's cones" that I'm talking about. You can take your time eating it and it's just perfect sized.