Thursday, July 16, 2009

Date Night...

Lately, I've been feeling like my husband and I have spent very little time together. I would even go as far to say that we could qualify as roommates instead of an intimate, connected husband and wife.

Now the truth is, we have been spending time the same room, on the same vacations, same car rides, same bed...BUT, we aren't doing that great at connecting with each other and talking to each other. It seems as though we have continued to do a good job at making time for us to be together for the purpose of re-connecting, but we aren't doing a very good job at the follow through of that intention once we are alone.

Yesterday, in the middle of one his many meetings he had, my hubby sent me a text asking if he could get a babysitter to take his wife out on a date tomorrow night (now tonight!). I responded back with "That would be fabulous!"

He sent me another text earlier today on his way into another meeting (if you ask me what he does for a living, I'll say "go to meetings...about something...all day, every day...with an occasional racquetball and golf game in there") letting me know he has a sitter for 6:30pm and wondered where I wanted to go for dinner. While sitting here thinking about what I was going to eat tonight at my favorite restaurant, I realized I needed to change my focus. I need to reset my brain and get into "dating" mode. My husband heard my complaints about how I was feeling, listened, and took action to help make it better! I just now see this! An amazing man, he is :)

So instead of focusing on what I am going to indulge in for dinner tonight at my favorite local restaurant, I am going to focus on him. I love this man SO much. And we have been through A LOT together. Sometimes, I complain about the fact that we "never" talk anymore, he "always" watches TV in the other room, falls asleep too fast, whatever. But I realize that this is a relationship. You can't have a relationship with 1 person. It doesn't work.

So today it's my turn to focus on HIM instead of expecting him to focus on ME. I am already thinking of all kinds of things I want to ask him about, share with him, and hear what he has to say to me. It feels amazing to have a clear focus in my head about my intention for our evening together tonight. I already feel better and more connected and excited to put him in the spotlight for once! He does so much, works so hard, and supports just about everything I stick my nose into. It's my turn to return the favor and love on him, support, affirm, and be excited for him and all the good things he has going on the fact that he got to play golf this morning for work and it is gorgeous out today!!

Happy date night to me! What should I wear? How should I do my hair? Shower? Bodywash? Make up? Yes! He is totally worth it!


Jean said...

YAY!!!! Have a wonderfully fabulous time!!

gin said...

i hope your date was absolutely wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope it was wonderful and that you really got to connect. My husband I have been working on similar issues of late, just making sure that we remain connected through all the stress... and it truly does improve a LOT around here when we're truly connected and listening to each other.

But really, I must know what you ate!

Hip Mom's Guide said...

Hope it was fabulous!