Saturday, January 2, 2010

Slowing Down...

This morning I woke up with a head cold. My nose was runny but at the same time congested. My head felt like a balloon was blown up inside and every time I moved I felt like I was in an action movie but in slow motion know what I mean? I was "swooshing."

The last 4 weeks of life have been hectic. Two of my ballerina daughters danced in a professional production of The Nutcracker, there have been school Christmas programs, endless family gatherings, we have had extended family in town now for close to two weeks, I have been very busy within my career world, and within our household, we have lost a family member. My 19 year old niece, who was living with us, has moved out, and we are all missing her and adjusting to her absence. Thankfully, I have been healthy all along to deal with all the chaos and changes going on in my world.

So when I woke up this morning not feeling well with only two days left of the "holiday break" and wanting to get reorganized for the week ahead, needless to say I was irritated. I have been craving routine for awhile, and today was my day to get it together so the transition come Monday would be smooth. I had a to-do list a mile long, and nothing has been checked off of that list. And to top it all off, my husband is moping around the house, in his "holiday crash" as well, complaining of cabin fever, and I suspect he is as burnt out and craving routine as much as me.

I have been contemplating my afternoon and how to attempt it while sitting here going through my Kleenex box like it's going out of style, and realized something. This head cold, as annoying as it is, is a good thing. It is telling me to SLOW I don't crash and burn come Monday. Our bodies are amazing things, you know! They know just what they are doing. I'm taking this head cold as a sign that the chaos is detoxifying itself through it, to get me READY for Monday and the eminent routine of back to school and work. It's telling me to rest!

So rest it is for the remainder of the day. This evening we are going out to dinner with my husband's parents and siblings. It's the last official family gathering of the Christmas Season. I know if I bust my hump getting things done this afternoon, I will not want to go, and instead curl up in my pj's and go to bed early. That would disappoint my husband, and I love that guy way too much to do that.

So the plan for the rest of the afternoon is to SLOW DOWN, allow my body to REST, and readjust the "to-do" list to accomplish over a span of the next few days, while my head cold heals, to get to all those projects and clean-ups done that I wanted to do today. I'm OK with this. Resting feels good. And besides, I would be really ticked off if I was down all of next week because I didn't take the time NOW when my body was tapping me on the shoulder letting me know it has had enough.

What is your body telling you lately? Are you listening? Take the time to find out and give it what it needs!

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heather said...

love this! take the rest and i hope you feel better soon :)