Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Did You Eat Enough Today?

The consequences of not eating enough can be detrimental to anyone trying to improve their health. Many of us think that if we skip a meal or cut way back on calories, we will succeed at losing weight and gaining health. This is not true.

It's not a myth when they say the most important meal of your day should be breakfast. This is where you get the most "bang for your buck". Eating a healthy and substantial breakfast will help you jump start your metabolism for the day. You will actually burn more calories than if you had not eaten breakfast to "save" calories. It also helps prevent binging later in the day when you become ravaging because your body has had no fuel to function on. So skipping it is not a good idea!

Actually, skipping any meal is not a good idea. Our body needs consistent nutrition to work properly and support our bodily functions throughout the day. If you skip meals you can cause everything to go out of whack. One nasty side affect is that your body may begin to think it is starving and immediately take any of the calories that you do consume and turn them into fat stores to live off in the future. When trying to lose weight and gain health, that is exactly what you don't want!!

Today I had an off eating day. My day in general was just plain off. For some reason, insomnia cursed me last night and I did not get enough sleep (Was it from stress, too much sugar, watching TV before going to bed, lack of self care?). Because of the lack of sleep I ended up sleeping in and then eating breakfast at 11am. I then immersed myself into work related tasks and "forgot" to eat for the remainder of the afternoon. Since breakfast was only a bowl of cereal, man, did I pay for that decision! Come 5pm, I was so ravaging with hunger, I felt dizzy, cranky, impatient and ready to eat and entire chocolate cake! Thankfully, I did not resort to that. Since I was waiting for hubby to come home and grill some chicken breasts, I started out with a huge dark leafy green salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing drizzled on top. It took the edge off and I am looking forward to that dinner which is currently cooking on the grill, which I now will likely not binge on since I filled up with greens first!

This was a good reminder for me that it benefits me to have a plan, stick to a routine, and care enough for my body so that such extreme imbalances do not occur. Planning and prevention are the best ways to assure that your goal of eating healthy and maybe losing weight are achieved!

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Kristina P. said...

This is a huge problem for me, now that I work the swing shift. I often don't eat until after work, and in fact, it's almost 6 PM, and I haven't eaten anything today.

My body is so out of wack. Not getting enough sleep, not eating well, drinking too much Diet Coke, not exercising, etc. Today is my first day off the soda, so we'll see!